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Rent of limousines, hire of limousines on wedding and business trips in St.-Petersburg

The company “Linkoln-Tur” offers the clients to choose the limousines from the best stock of cars in St.-Petersburg. Place an order with limousine in our company to make your Day memorable.

Our limousines are always ready to decorate your wedding celebration or a family holiday no less than your business meeting or corporate event.

We have a sizeable stock of cars and can select a suitable limousine for each client. Our limousines fall in with wedding celebration, corporate events and public celebrations.

If you look for sure company offering the lease of limousines and worrying about the quality of services and client satisfaction, then the company “Linkoln-Tur” is right choice. Our drivers are always attentive and pleasant, know the map of the Town very well and can suggest you memorable routes.

Why our company?

1. Safety

All limousines pass daily checkup by skilled mechanics which in time find out and eliminate possible breakages. Therefore the giving of limousine in technically failure condition to client is eliminated.

The majority of the drivers in our company have limousine driving experience not less 2 years. They know the map of the Town very well and drive masterfully; at the same time they always will support festive mood and will not take any notice of you. Our professionalism and experience won't allow ruining your good mood and corrupting your celebration in the situation of force majeure.

2. Punctuality

All our drivers have good driving experience, so they can easily calculate right route time subject to traffic jam. The limousine will be given in time and you will not be Late.

3. Comfort

The company’s mechanics take care of all limousines constantly, after each trip the limousines pass obligatory damp cleaning. Working capacity of all devices, called to provide comfort of a trip, is regularly checked.

You can be assured that inside of the ordered limousine will be tidied purely up, all glassware will be pure. Politeness and foresight of our drivers will leave only pleasant memoirs. Our drivers of representation class cars serve wedding, parties, holidays long time, and they know how to make you order the limousine in our company each time when you need it.

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